Unique SkinCare Combo Pack

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Luxury Flannels Gift Pack


Enhance your skin cleansing routine

Organic Luxury Skin Care - Younger looking skin, naturally

Made with natural bamboo fibres offering superior softness.

We believe skin care doesn't stop at applying the most organic and natural mix on your skins surface. You need to remove the cleansers softly & gently with more than just warm water to achieve the ultimate results. 

Our organic bamboo face cloths, muslins and face wash mitts enables you to subtly lift away daily grime and makeup. The warp knitted terry fabric makes our face cloths extremely supple and soft - leaving a fresh, soft and smooth skin.

Natural and Organic Cleansing Face Cloths, Muslins & Face Wash Mitts

.. and you don't want to forget to check the Sun UV rays strength either

We thought that it would be a sheer injustice to not pack these beautiful cloths in equally beautiful keepsake boxes. We just couldn't do it..

Gorgeous Skin


Gorgeous Products


Gorgeous Packaging 

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