Why Organic cotton matter for babies

What is Organic cotton anyways and how is it different from regular Cotton? Well, at-least it sounds better and has earthier feel to it than other fabrics. It seems like all the top fashion retailers are doing it… H&M, Debenhams, ZARA, and so many more!

We thought it was time to uncover what this Organic cotton is all about and why it matters for babies.

Conventional Cotton:

Organic cotton is the most natural form of cotton available. It is grown without any pesticides or genetically modified organisms used during cotton plantations. It is the purest, chemical-less breathable cotton. We may not have realized while flaunting it so stylishly, but it takes ¼ pound of harmful chemicals to make one conventional “cotton” top. 

Conventional cotton is processed with dyes, chlorine bleach and several other unhealthy chemicals that have been medically attributed to allergies and eczema in babies. Hydrogen Peroxide and formaldehyde are also applied in the processing of the fabrics.

Organic Cotton:

The process of cultivating organic cotton means in itself making no use any of the synthetic fertilizers on offered from chemical companies. The guidelines published by the Department for Food and Farming industry clears states “Organic farming includes avoiding artificial fertilisers and pesticides”. The organic certification organizations do not allow genetically modified (GMO) fiber to be labeled Organic.

Organic cotton farmers use natural, sustainable, biological methods and products to enrich the quality of the soil. The methods used in processing of these organically grown cotton are gentler, minus all the harmful toxic minerals, resulting in a naturally softer finished product.

At ELLYFANTE, we share a common goal of delivering quality products that are best for our customers – “the green way”, as we call it.

Care for the infants:

Newborn baby’s skin is very delicate and so is the baby’s immune system. It is very important that baby’s skin is not exposed to these harmful chemicals so early into life as a human being. We want our babies to grow up in a safe, healthy environment and these chemical residues should be prevented to enter into the environment where baby breathes. 

Organic cotton clothing allows for better air circulation for the babies and helps absorb body moisture. Pure cotton also works very well to keep the body cool and dry and fresh, drawing heat away from the skin. Organic cotton also helps control the right temperature which is extremely important when it comes to infants, as they are not yet able to regulate their own body temperature. 

We understand at ELLYFANTE, the skin of babies is a lot thinner and porous compared to adults and therefore can absorb pollutants and other harmful substances much easier. With 'ellyfante' we share the purpose with every parent to create best possible, natural environment for the babies. So, there are hardly any reasons not to switch to Organic cotton clothing for babies..

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