Day after day we get more and more committed to keep our promise. We care deeply about where the raw materials are coming from. We are constantly finding ways to put things right at the source itself. That is why we make sure our products are made by the people we know.

The fabrics that make our products come from factory which is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified for TANBOOCEL® Bamboo Fiber. Which means first of all, the factory meets all human-ecological requirements of the standard presently established. Secondly, it not only posseses all the qualities of conventional viscose fibers but also boasts about more moisture absorption,  antibacterial and softness and other properties. TANBOOCEL® is a kind of bamboo fiber produced using the patented technology of pulping and spinning that makes the fabric more strong and durable.


Right from the inception, we have tried to stay true to our core belief which is to be passionate about ethically produced clothing. Hence, who we partner with becomes more important. There are a lot of brands that do what we do. Although they may have the same WHATs as us, its the HOWs and WHOs where we make the difference. While the whole industrial practice is evolving to maximize mass production and increased profit margins, we strive to make an extra effort to associate with suppliers whose culture emphasizes quality and responsibility.  

Naturally Smooth

Bamboo fiber is luxuriously soft and comfortable against the skin, as it is naturally smooth and round - without any chemical treatment

Regulates Body Temperature

The fibers are interlaced with micro gaps or micropores which aids ventilation. This makes bamboo fabric feel cool in summer and warm during chilly winter nights

Naturally Antibacterial - 007

The secret antimicrobial bio-agent, aka - bamboo kun is found naturally in bamboo fibers. The secret agent and harmful bacteria, they dont go along well, leaving the fabric with only one winner. What more, the agent still lives on after repeated washes..

GREEN - in every aspect

Bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon and releases ~35-40% more oxygen than trees. It requires no fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals to grow. I mean the guy is like the fastest growing plant in the world. It doesnt even need that much of water to grow.

Bamboo - You Beauty!

First of all, the tall lanky fellow is classified as a type of plant. No kidding. It actually improves the soil quality around the area which it grows. Take that!

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