Know your elephant, from your ellyfante?


Really?No way!Hmm, not exactly!Well..Yup, they're highly compassionate hulks

Bond, Family Bond!

Sorry, back to nursery..Nah, C'mon!A bit more..And more..Yes, they can’t exactly hug each other, but do wrap their trunks around relatives

Average Weight

Yeah, wake up now..Nope, not the toy ones..Not bad! (but try again)Yes! 14,000pounds - when dieting!Calm down! Got carried away a bit there..


No way!Nope..Try a little harder!So close..Yep, they are actually quite chatty and absolutely love making friends!

Team Player

They absolutely hate being alone..They call it a herd for a reason?Try again!Actually more than you think..You bet, they've got a really good understanding of cooperation.

Thats us in a nutshell! We are Elephants.

Though we can't pull it off that much weights around our bellies and still manage to look cool, but other than that, we are close or atleast we are trying to be close to these truly awesome beings.



We are a close family of compassionate and driven people that strive to deliver quality, value and honesty at every step of the way 

Ellyfante, is our baby!

We are a team of dreamers!

Meet ellyfante

Who am I? >

Meet Ash

Who am I? >

Meet Dee

Who am I? >

Meet Dylan

Who am I? >


​​Our search for pure organic and sustainable fabric for our kids got us here. Our first hand experiences taught us that choosing the right fabric for baby's clothing and accessories matters more than style. We found the whole process has become super complex. Be it the Baby Products aisles in supermarkets or shopping online. It's gotten way too confusing and 90% of the products are not the same as described too. Well done!


Challenge accepted!

It started as an idea of a range of products (not the whole portfolio but focus on a set of daily use items at a time). We read and read some more. We attended seminars. Listened to talks and visited trade shows to try and get into the minds of the so called genius 'Brands'. 

Yes, there are a lots of other brands do what we do. Half not compassionate enough to serve you and some don't present you with an item that they promised it would be. Surprise! Ta-dah! 

Surprised we were, and a little angry too. It cant be that difficult surely!

Fast forward a year or so.. one of us decided to answer the call of compassion and make the jump and called quits on the conventional day job to focus on research. We've been taking baby steps since towards being a specialised boutique brand. Eventually, with some invaluable feedback from family and friends – we welcomed the newest member in our midst. Ellyfante!

We are all in, completely, with our minds and hearts, creativity and honesty, simplicity and authenticity, set out to connect people with what matters the most - experience! It started with a simple idea, and our mission still remains the same. To bring high quality, well designed products that we would want to experience ourselves.


We have travelled to pretty much all seven continents, and the most valuable lesson we have learned is that often the most fascinating adventures happen in our own backyard. We just need to have faith..

Ellyfante, is one such leap of faith.. 



Down-To-Earth is literally our mantra when it comes to designing our products. The seed of organic & sustainable fabric was planted very early in our heads, quite subtly, by Dylan (gets it from his uncle Dee, you see) 


We listened, and proded to & fro with the idea for a while as part of our research. Afterall, mother nature has the best crayons they say. We wondered, so why add unnecessary chemicals to that. Hence, at Ellyfante, all our products are purpose built with nature in mind. The products are designed from the ground up with how it feels on human skin as their focus.

Our commitment to our purpose wouldn't set us free until one more piece in the puzzle was fixed. The packaging. During his half-terms, Dylan took upon the task to explore options.

The proud moment came when we first launched our range of Eco-Packs in the autumn of 2018.

Our unique Eco-Packs contains OEKO-TEX® certified Organic Bamboo products, packaged in a fully recyclable and carbon neutral bags that are made from Sugarcane extracts, while our brand stickers are made of paper and printed in the UK using food grade ink.

Our aim is to have everything produced from natural and certified organic resources as much as possible. We trust only the best and hence all the raw materials sourced come strictly from industry certified mills. The bamboo fabric manufacturers we work with are all inspected and certified by OEKO-TEX®

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